Fun Graffiti around town. Queens ,New York


This is an interesting building I found while driving around this week end.  Located in LIC , it reminded me a lot of 5 Pointz .    This warehouse building is beautifully adorned with pictures of  of deer, flowers, brains, and bubble and letters .. The murals are part of the Top to Bottom Project, created by artist James P. Quinn and producer Geoff Kuffner. Included are Artist  Crash, Daze, Icy and Sot, and Magda Love . This Block spanning building is quite impressive, in its different style of art.

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 Magda Love’s lush jungle plants, , greet visitors at the entrance, while above, Binho Ribeiro’s blue owl keeps wide-eyed watch over the street. Around the corner, Case Ma’Claim dusted many layers of aerosol to create his image of two hands threading a needle. The work is amazingly detailed.Pioneers like Daze and Crash,  have also contributed to the project.




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Case Ma’Claim



Cern’s orange bird quite beautiful.


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