Yeaah it’s summer again.


Monday was the  Summer solstice , the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer. With summer comes  all the fantastic feelings , the heat , the flowers are blooming again, BBQ,s , we can finally take off that stupid sweater. All the things we thought would never arrive ,as the winter felt longer and longer, are here.Lets not forget that we lose a layer of FAT. We feel sexier , hotter.


Depending on whether you are a positive person or a negative person, there are two ways of seeing it. Glass half full or half empty.

This is the longest day , which means after today the days will be getting shorter., BOOOO

Yeahhh !!! its summer finally , lets enjoy, the beach, the Pina Coladas, Champagne , pretty clothes, beach Bars, friendly people. It’s a fact that people are nicer when the weather is sunny and warm.

We waited so long and suffered so much, let’s hope its last till December.Now the winter lovers, I know a few, will start complaining  “ God I hope its passes real quick , I can’t take the heat “

Then there is me “ If one person complains about the heat, I will lose it  !! LOL”



Although all seasons have their beauty , summer is the best , the COLORS vibrant , HOT .What other season offers such beauty and COLORS , ( in my opinion).



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