Haiti, not represented at the New York Times travel show . A missed opportunity.

Why ? Stefanie Villdrouin the former Minister of tourism , the hardest working women in Haiti is no longer on the job.

I attended the show this week end and saw how beautifully the islands were represented . Jamaica , curaçao , Bahamas , Grenada just to name a few . I saw how all the foreign organizations came to show the best from their country , to put their best foot forward .

This was an opportunity to show another face of Haiti . Especially after the comments of president trump. Where is the new minister of tourism ? This is a shame !! There is a consulate in New York , where are these peoples ?

Not one representative to show the beautiful regions , the beautiful hotels , the great food and the beautiful people .


Yes Haiti has problems , big problems for the majority of the population ,but so does the majority of the islands in the Caribbean .

Just like the other islands , Haiti has a lot to offer in the way of tourism.

Yes !! a missed opportunity indeed .


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