Meli Melo , Haitian , Cajun restaurant.

Looking   for a wonderful Haitian/Cajun restaurant  with amazing food ?., One just opened a few weeks ago and a wonderful surprise awaits you . Meli Melo  located at 153 Dubois avenue in Valley stream is such a place, Relaxing ambiance , great and timely service. The space is beautifully done and the music nice and “Melo” . Transport yourself to New Orleans  and Haiti ,with  live music . This is a wonderful place to spend a romantic evening  or great times with your friends. Plenty of parking in the rear.


My lovely waitress Enrica from Palermo was the best.. Very attentive and simpatico


The Poisson gros sel is fabulous , a light and finer version of the dish, not too spicy ,just spicy enough.You can always request a side of Pikliz to add some heat if you require.It is also their best seller.

Poisson Gros Sel
After trying the Poulet en Sauce , my friend said ” the only problem with the food is that you cant stop eating because its so good”
Of course had to have the Pain Patate, a  dish not easy to prepare  and hard to find  is most restaurant. The work involved in creating this dessert , keeps it off most menus. Chef ASH does a wonderful job with this dessert, served nice and warm straight from the oven with a topping of vanilla ice cream .It’s been a long time since I’ve had  an authentic pain patate. 
Credit to Executive chef Ash who does a fantastic job and has never disappointed me.


The cocktails are wonderful and if you like mangos , do try the  Marigo. If I didn’t have to drive,  I think I would have drowned myself in this delectable concoction.

A beautiful , relaxing place to have dinner and drinks. They have a very large bar area where you can sip those marvelous cocktails and maybe a shot of rhum Barbancourt and listen to some great jazz .

Happy hour drink specials weekdays  $5 & $6 . they open at 4 pm  .This restaurant is only weeks old, so they are still working out the kinks , give it a chance you wont be disappointed. 

My overall experience was super positive and I highly recommend that you try  Meli Melo . I have been back several times and plan on going back often.


The owners Patrick and Judy  and their partner go out of their way to make everyone feel welcomed and I sure wish them the best of luck.

Bon appetit…

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