Havana Cuba,Hotel Nacional


A historic hotel which stands on top of a hill on the Malecon , overlooking the harbor of Havana. Build in 1930, the Hotel Nacional De Cuba  not only hosted International super stars, but also  some of the biggest world leader. Their history with the mafia is well known. This was a big important venue for the crime families.

Mobsters, like Lucky Luciano , Meyer Lansky, were regulars. and in 1946  they set up the infamous Havana Conference, with the apparent blessing  of  President Batista, while listening to Frank Sinatra. This conference was represented in the film Godfather II in which Michael Corleone flies to Havana for a meeting.

The Hotel Nacional de Cuba is an old world style hotel , full of history and beautiful architecture similar to “the breakers” in Palm beach.

There is a fabulous Art gallery downstairs


As you go upstairs its direct to the beautiful restaurant  , where you can hear Opera while you eat.



We were not very hungry, but wanted to hear the opera singers , so we ordered a Mojito and a  little ham and cheese appetizer, which we couldn’t even finish . When they brought back the take out, it was hermetically sealed  ( never seen that before)

The outdoor area is a great place to hang out, with its outdoor bar, restaurant  and lounge chairs, overlooking the Malecon and the  skyline of Havana. Great spot to sip a mojito while watching the sun set over the city. By the way they claim to make the best mojitos, 1950’s Mafia style.




The grounds of the Hotel Nacional are coated with history.There is a small museum that shares the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nothing like having a history lesson while drinking a Mojito.

Have I said too much? Go Visit this beautiful Hotel, take a tour and discover for yourself or better yet spend a night..

I Highly recommend , being partial to old world style.


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