TSA Real ID. Please prepare ASAP

All traveler should be aware of this new regulation and proceed to comply ASAP. This only applies to USA. As of October !st 2020 this new regulation comes into effect.It applies to all travel internationally and domestically. There are millions of people who will need to apply and the DMV will be very busy and possibly overwhelmed, so the sooner you start the better.

Also you may not have the required documents on hand, so give yourself the time to gather them, knowing that it takes a bit of time for responses from government offices.

Without real ID you will not be able to fly even domestically or internationally without a valid US Passport. 

The required document to apply for are as follows:                                                                      You must present one (1)  identity document that includes your date of birth and your true full name.

1-Original or certified birth certificate. (no photocopies)                                                              2-Proof of identity                                                                                                                          3_valid unexpired US Passport of Passport card                                                                             4- Proof of lawful status in the United States                                                                                   5- Proof of social security ( original SS card)                                                                                   6- evidence or proof of residency

The best place to begin is your state DMV website.  

The information can be gotten online  but the application must be done in person as a photograph will be taken.

Don’t wait last minute and ruin your plans specially if you have already plans to travel after October 2020.

This is a sample photo or REALID . it may look a bit different depending on the State  but all will have a star on the upper right hand corner.Image result for sample photos of real id



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