Woodstock , in the Catskills upstate New York.

Everyone is running to the Hamptons , or to Montauk  for the summer, Its great !! but if you don’t know anyone or are not a big winery person, there are other fabulous places in New York really worth looking into. In the Catskills mountains , only 2 hours from New York City , there is a little town called Woodstock . If the name sounds familiar , YES!! it does bring back memories. The summer of love , Days of peace and love. jimmy Hendricks , Janis Joplin. For those of you, who are too young to remember , its just a cool little town. It is the perfect summer destination for the week end or even just a day. You won’t be bored . I promise !!..

My favorite little town. Great food , fabulous restaurants, Theaters, Art galleries , a very cool place to hang even for the day. . Imagine the city,  in the country . This town is funky, happening and cool.Peace and Love in the middle of the mountains.

Every town has a wizard  and Woodstock is no exception





The drum circle




It is a happy place





Pretty much anything, to make you smile.

Some other cute places to grab a bite .


The Garden Cafe on the green

Yes it’s Vegan and yes it’s AWESOME! This charming cafe sits right in the center of town with a great view of The Green and all the local color you can handle. But come for the food and be amazed. Everything we tried was awesome , the vegetable lasagna , the Pesto pasta ,  the Black bean burrito, Pasta marinara and YES!!! I did taste all of it. Closed on Mondays.





the sexy locals Monique and Nicole

The Catskills are some of the most beautiful mountains  in the North  East ,so when you get tired of walking around town , just wander the relaxing and beautiful countryside. The Woodstock waterfall is worth a look.


Yessss !! Something for everyone…….




















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