Beautiful churches of New York. Eglise St Jean Baptiste R.C Church


There is always a surprise around every corner in New York City.  Eglise de St Jean Baptiste is one of them. Located at 202 East 77th Street, this church, which should have been designated  a cathedral, is absolutely magnificent. A New York City landmark, it is considered to be one of the country’s most beautiful churches and is included in the National Registry of Historic Buildings. It’s built in the Italian renaissance style.

The parish was established in 1882 to serve the area’s French Canadian immigrant population of the area. At that time 11% of New Yorkers had French ancestry and it remained the French-Canadian National Parish until 1957.

Entering the very humble main doors, you just cant imagine what awaits you. My reaction was “WOW”. I was awed by its beauty and magnificence. I actually had goose bumps the entire time I was in there. Such an unexpected surprise.

The church is one of the few Catholic churches in New York City with a dome, and only one of two – the other being  ST Patrick’s Cathedral – with stained glass windows from the glass studios of  Chartres.

this church  is staffed by the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, an Order of men founded in Paris in 1856 by St. Peter Julian Eymard. 

This is the relic of saint Peter Eymard

This church contains another relic, that of saint Anne

Relic of Saint Anne


The relic of Saint Anne, a piece of the bone of her arm, was brought to New York by Monsignor Marquis from Saint Anne d’Apt in France in May of 1885. 
the history of this Church goes back a long time and my purpose is to show you ,the things that I have discovered through my photographs.
I hope you enjoy this amazing and inspiring Church as much as I did, Sometimes we live all our lives and we don.t bother to take a moment and the the beautiful things around us.. If you are in the area I do really recommend a little visit and a little prayer. We all need it right now. 

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