The funniest ad I’ve ever read , to sell a car

 A post from   Jordan Ancel in his own words.

2008 BMW 335! for Sale        I LOVE THIS CAR !!

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But I have to sell it. My wife and I are having a kid, so we need something more practical (so she says).But what could be more practical than a convertible? Super-easy to load the kid and take him out, AMMIRIGHT??   Plus IT’S ALMOST SUMMER!!

Whatever. I gotta sell it and i’ll probably end up with some bullshit SUV.Like a RAV4. WTF is that thing ,anyway? I’s like someone took a shitty old tin box,put some wheels on it, and called it a family car.And WTF does RAV4 stand for? Royal Asshole Vehicle for 4?

I’ll probably end up with a f…king minivan. I m gonna drive it off the Golden Gate Bridge (while I’m alone of course). Then they can have the life insurance and get a goddamn Bentley. THE IRONY!!

Anyway this car is f..king fast, like Tokyo-Drift-Fast-Twin Turbos!! if you don’t get speeding tickets in this and get your license revocked in less than 60 days,  you’re driving wrong.

It’s a  6-speed manual, and loaded premium package , and loaded with every options.


SERIOUSLY …If you like to drive, this car is the shit. if you want to get laid ,this car is the shit, if you are having a midlife crisis, this car is the shit.if you re married and having a kid, you’re shit-outta-luck.

Get a minivan and we’ll meet up and do some drugs in a parking lot to get over it.





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