This morning I receive a call concerning driving in other countries with a USA driver’s license.. So I thought I would clarify the process of getting an international driving permit.

Most European countries will accept your USA driver’s licence , but do requires a driving permit. Get a IDP which is an international driving permit. How do you get one  what is the cost and how long does it take ?.

There are  several agencies  providing  issuing IDP. These can be found online.

1-AAA trough an online application the process takes 2 weeks and cost USD 20.00.

It take about 2 weeks to receive, and it some cases can be expedited.  If you have any questions about specific countries ,just  put a comment on the blog and I will answer

How it WorksThe International Driver’s Document will help break the language barrier when traveling.

Our high quality translation booklet translates your valid driver’s license in 9 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, French and German.

Up to 16 languages are accessible with our advanced non- governmental ID card, adding; Thai, Turkish, Korean, Hindi, Greek, Italian and Dutch!

As a complementary feature, you may also save a digital copy of your valid driver’s license in your smartphone!

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Simply download a QR code reader app from your mobile marketplace and our patent pending technology enables you to scan the QR code on the back of your card to access the foreign language translations and digital copy of your driver’s license.

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The magnetic stripe also stores basic information of your driver’s license.The security shield hologram located on the front, prolongs the life of the card and inhibits counterfeiting.

The IDD is useful for Car Insurance and Car Rentals in many countries.

Apply Now

Our application process is fast and simple. Complete the IDD application form and attach a copy of your valid driver’s license, your hand written signature and a color ID photo.

You may apply online, by regular post mail or in person.

Apply now!

Bonne route et Bon Voyage .

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