Fusterlandia , Jaimanitas , Cuba. Folk art kingdom. mind blown!!


José Rodríguez Fuster (born August 1946 in Villa Clara , Cuba) is a Cuban naive artist specializing in ceramics, painting, drawing, engraving, and graphic design . The first thing you will notice when you arrive,is the remarkable similarity to Picasso and Gaudi

This is a most amazing village to see, and a definite must do, on a trip to Cuba. Can you say Instagram ?? Best of all It’s Free. Every inch you step on, lean on  or see is a piece of Art. My only regret is not  having taken enough money to buy a piece of Art in the many galleries that make up this village.

His work has been put on the same level as  Antoni Gaudi , for those who don’t know , he is the Artist who did all the beautiful work in Barcelona. He is a recognized artist.

Fuster pic.jpg

Fuster who arrived into a  depressed little village, worked over 10 years to create this now magical village where he lives. Over 80 houses with amazing  murals and domes to suit the personality of his neighbors, this is an entire neighborhood turned into a work of Art.Imagine that at first the villagers where not too keen on the idea.  The details are mind boggling. The Artists’ Wall  signed and donated by other Cuban artists, a theater and public swimming pools.Someone said ” it must have taken a lot of time to do this”  ” yes its one thing we have in Cuba is a lot of time”.


Time consuming tedious work.






Beautiful time , with beautiful people.



I met some really super people at the Kelarte Gallery . and received a beautiful work of Art by the artist  FUENTS PAPO.. given from the heart . It was such an unexpected surprise. Another gesture showing the generosity of the Cuban people. I had a great time at this gallery and will for sure return to see my new friends Diana Rosa and Gabriel  Socardas .

Spend a little time , there is so much to see .


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Entrance to the village
Another way to come and visit , rent a beautiful pink convertible..Taxi from downtown Havana about CUC$20  or regular local bus (MN$0.80, or about 1/500th of the taxi fare, if you are adventurous enough) – it just off Avenida 5ta and even the bus-stops are Gaudi-esque. Check to see if the Hop On Hop Off bus goes there.

The many small Art galleries next to Fuster’s home.

You can have lunch there but don’t forget the Coco Frio



Nowadays, Fuster’s art is a cherished part of Cuban culture and joins the rank of other public artworks such as that of Gaudiin Barcelona . He sponsors this project by the sale of his paintings and ceramics. So bring a little extra cash I am sure you will want to take something home.

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