Vinales ,Cuba. Who’s game for a puro.

On my last day in Cuba I took a tour with Cubatours……. for a day to Vinales.  65 CUC. My only regret is that the tour did not allow me to really experience the town.The tour was well organized , comfortable and very informative. They kept to the schedule , left on time. Would recommend them . I booked the tour out of the Hotel Nacional Havana.

Vinales is also cigar region , Known for the Cohiba.

Viñales is a beautiful and lush valley in Pinar del Río province of Cuba, with a population of around 10,000.It’s about 26 kilometers north of the city of Pinar del Río.   It’s a great day trip, if you want to get away of the hustle of Havana. Like most of the country I have seen , it’s lush , green and peaceful. They also claim to make the best Pina Colada in Cuba. I can admit that during my stay in Cuba I had my share of Pina Coladas , and probably , most surely more than my share. LOL . Theirs is absolutely divine , but the next time I will put that claim to the test with pleasure.

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The owner of the tobacco farm.

A little history on this tobacco plantation, which has been owned by this family for 4 generations.

Unfortunately because we came during the rainy season, we weren’t able to see the tobacco plants. The tobacco is not planted  until October . Maybe another excuse to return.

tobacco drying
The tobacco drying racks.

This is how they roll.


Lunch at the Restaurant Mural de la prehistoria  overlooking the wall was quite typical ,pork , rice and beans, salad and a desert of guava .  Actually it was pretty good food.


I know the pina coladas are great but who can resist these beautiful blue eyes., Not to mention the free Pina Colada , a winning combination.

Cueva de los indios.

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Always meeting some fabulous people on my trips, From mexico Joel and Margarita.
Guarapo ( sugar cane juice) fresh and delicious.
This is how it’s done. Guarapo , pure sugar cane juice.

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