Travel is fun, but nothing’s worse than having a bad or unsafe experience. Remember? taxi money, in case the date doesn’t work out.

We all love to travel, but travelling safely must be the no 1 priority . Specially  girls travelling alone.I read of people having really bad experiences at Airbnb, being videotaped in dressing room and toilets secretly. this can turn an otherwise super fabulous experience into a nightmare.CSC_0039

If you  feel unsafe somewhere leave , don’t ask if you should leave. LEAVE!!! I read too many times of girls arriving at an Airbnb and are being harassed asking ” should I leave?” Yes !! should I report my host if he or she is the harrasser? Yes!! Report  both to your host  and to the booking site (Airbnb, , trip advisor)and post your experience on social media,  so someone else could avoid the trouble. Make a police report although have heard of people afraid to do that in some countries. Contact your nearest embassy immediately.

There are devices that are small enough to carry with you , that are inexpensive and definitely worth having to secure your door and check locations for cameras. I know we are all brave men and women  and I don’t mean to scare you into staying home ( as travel is amazing and life changing)  but traveling safely is a smart thing to do.

  • Research Your Destination Thoroughly Before Your Trip. … Personally I always arrive with a dossier. Maps , transit system , customs and a few phrases to get along if I don’t speak the  language.
  • Keep Your Valuables On You While in Transit. … close to your body in a rip proof pouch.
  • Only Take What You Need and Leave the Rest Locked Up. … Hotel safe or Airbnb
  • Don’t Trust People Too Quickly. … It’s great to make friends when travelling but not everyones intentions are good.
  • Blend in as Much as You Can. … Meaning ,dress appropriately and with respect to local customs. The less you attact attention the safer you will be. DSC_0774
  • Spend Extra Money on Staying Safe. …  This is very important .  If arriving late at night make sure the hotel or Airbnb can pick you up . Dont go wondering around trying to figure out.  Pay extra to stay is a more lively  and frequented area. Pay for a taxi to get you to your destination. I know sometimes its expensive and lord knows I have been ripped off many times on arrival by taxi drivers, but your life is worth it.
  • Prepare for the Worst with Documents and Secret Cash. …
  • For documents, keep front-and-back copies of your credit cards saved to cloud storage like Google Docs or Dropbox, as well as a copy of your passport. It’s a good idea to keep your bank and credit card phone numbers stored in a document as well. keep some back up cash at least $50 in US dollars hidden in a secret spot deep inside your luggage, in the lining or like inside a tampon or hidden in a sock. In a separate spot, keep a backup credit card. If your purse is  stolen, this will provide you with a temporary financial cushion.
  • Watch your drinking. We all love to party, don’t be a target . Keep your guards up like you do when you are at home.
  • Get Travel Insurance. don’t bother to ask ,I repeat Get Travel Insurance it could save your life. I personally use and recommend World Nomads.IMG_5537.jpg

  • Check in Regularly ( Super important)

    It’s a good idea for at least one designated friend or family member to have a copy of your itinerary in advance: your flight numbers, your accommodation, and a general schedule of where you’ll be on which dates, as well as information on your travel insurance, credit cards, and a bank account number. I do this with my friends when they are travelling alone .

And BTW leave your bling bling at home. Get yourself some travel jewelry if you need any decorations.( they can have it).  If you are travelling for a special event that requires some bling bling then make sure it keep kept in a safe. I know its a no brainer but don’t roam the streets with it.

Most important of all ,stay safe and have a great time and remember we want you back with amazing stories and experiences and fabulous photos..

Feel free to comment if I left something out that can really help someone when travelling. I know there are some very well travelled people out there , we could use your advices.

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