Abandoned places . Safe for now. St Pauls School. Garden City NY.

Driving by yesterday on a rainy day, I though it a perfect time to photograph this grand building.

Listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, St. Paul’s School is one of the most substantial historic buildings on Long Island, and now it’s one of the most threatened.

St Paul School opened in 1871 by Cornelia Steward in the High Victorian style.                      It consist of 500 rooms . It was a military school for boys in 1883 some pretty famous people attended this school including  Fred trump sr. and  Theodore Steinway chairman of Steinway and sons who graduated in 1900 , to mention a few.

It is a shame that they would even consider this edifice for demolition. Such beautiful places with heart and soul need to remain, as they are beautiful reminders of a classier time. Architecturally it is magnificent.

I am sure this building can be used as Art galleries , event spaces.  concert venues etc… An amazing botanical garden could be done with the 40+ acres of land.

I even once heard it was haunted, but people always say that about uninhabited places. .


I photographed the outside as permission is needed to enter the premises.

DSC00574 - Copy





DSC00575 - Copy

DSC00576 - Copy

DSC00578 - Copy







Comments and letters for the Village of Garden City Board of Trustees may be directed to:

Ralph V. Suozzi
Village Administrator
(516) 465-4051

Here’s to hoping that this beautiful property finds its proper  place in this modern world.


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