Montreal, under pressure xxlll festival. It’s a hoot.

While all of us are flying here and there trying to figure out where to go on vacation. Canada just across the border and 6 hours by car  from NYC, is a  place that is safe and fun, another 1 1/2 hours and you are in Montreal . I know it’s not the first place people think about, when planning a vacation. I am guilty of this also, but every time I cross the border I always wonder why I don’t go more often. You can fly there, but who doesn’t like a good road trip.

Montreal is a hoot !! Super Cool !!. 

Our Neighbors to the north, are party animals in the summer, from what I experienced the week end of Memorial Day. I suppose, that after the long hard winter people just want to let  their hair down and let it all hang out.

Montreal is fun fun. fun . You do need a passport, but  if you have an  enhanced driver’s license, that will work too..

So here we are Mom and Sis, on the road and ready for a great week end. Arrival at the Canadian border 6 hours. Onward to Montreal  another 1 1/2 hours, few stops for snacks  and we finally get there. Like I said who doesn’t like a road trip.

The next morning we were told by some locals that there was a festival going on in town. We got dropped at the subway station  and after just a few stops we reached Rue St Catherine.

The subway system is very simple  4 lines, nothing like New York City . Can’t really get lost , very clean and modern and surprisingly fast . Again not like the NYC subway :(.

Tickets are about 6.50 cad for a round trip ,about $2.50 each way, and are scanned not swiped . BTW your ATM card works like home.

We got off at “Place Des Arts “Which puts you at Rue St Catherine which is lined with cafes and small restaurants . The street festival  “Under pressure” which happens every year, was in full swing , Music , dancing . lots and lots of People. Graffiti artist from all over painting these amazing murals.

The Metro system is beautiful and super clean.


Rue St Catherine



A beautiful reflection

Try La Foufoune Electrique. Super cool Bar.

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we Sat at a little sidewalk cafe ,  to grab some lunch and watch the dancers , performing near by.


Everywhere we looked , graffiti artist or muralist where covering the walls with color.


Unfortunately we were there only for the day, so we didn’t see the finished works of art.


Super cool artist  we met and chatted with. Check him out. Great stuff .




On my way home I picked up a tourist guide, at the border. I was blown away by how much  Canada has  to offer, from the wine roads , to great culinary experiences , Art  and fabulous  summer and winter festival.Canada is not a place you escape from in the winter,  but an all season destination. don’t forget the great skiing. BTW it’s legal up there ( You did nt hear it from me. LOL).

Do visit Montreal this year, like I said it’s a Hoot.


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