St Patrice church Magog ,Quebec Canada

With the catholic population of  Magog increasing,  the Saint-Patrice mission was ceated in 1855. The chapel is built between 1859 and 1861, on the site of the current community center, located at 95, North Merry street. After being erected, the subbasement was consecrated by vicar Millette on December 11, 1887. The actual church will only be consecrated in 1894 by Mgr. Paul LaRocque.

If you love architecture and beautiful churches , you will not be dissapointed with the church of Sainte Patrice in Magog. If like me you have the chance to photograph and visit this beautiful church , please make it  a plan. The city of Magog is also beautiful and has a large waterfront with lots of activities. Great place to spend the day or a week end.

DSC01965Shamrocks are represented in various places in the church, referencing Saint Patrick’s homeland, Ireland. The number of Irish people coming to Magog is constantly increasing and for the longuest time the masses were both in English and French..





Notice the shamrock in the center aisle. 



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