Coronavirus, bioweapon? and travel.

Not trying to alarm anyone, but this virus which has nothing to do with the beer brand Corona by the way, seems to be more serious than we are led to believe.

The news out of China is not good and we should seriously think how this affects any travel plans that we currently have or are planning. 32,000 hospitalized yesterday from China state run news. Museums and tourist site shut down just to name a few..

The military has been mobilized to treat the sick. More than 11 million quarantined, even the capital city of Beijing is on lock down. Personally would not take the chance  and would wait until this has calmed down. The airlines have cancelled flights ,China is building hospitals at record speed, face mask are selling out globally, and are now being rationed,  together with sanitizer.

If you need to buy a mask make sure its a N95 mask .Can we protect ourselves?.  Wearing face masks and washing hand, avoiding large crowds in possibly vulnerable areas, is a start.In my own neighborhood near of  Flushing which is now considered the new Chinatown in New York, the Lunar celebrations have been cancelled.

Are we being told the truth?. Are we being told the real  extend of this epidemic?. Not to trivialize the death of the ones affected, but this virus has killed less people than the flu last year, which took the lives of 64,000 people globally. Therefore this leads to question why are such extreme measures being taken?. Were this measure taken with SARS or Ebola? I don’t think so.

Should we be panicking?  it is all fear Mongering?. Something rotten is happening . Has this affected you and your plans to travel in general?.

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