If you don’t ask for permission, horrible things will happen to you.

Locked up in a glass cage at the East Martello museum  in key west, is Robert the doll .


I have to say, this doll really gave me the creeps.


The most hunted doll in the world. He was put  there under lock and key to keep him from escaping. Apparently every year he is unlocked , taken out of his cage and given a physical.

As the story goes, if you photograph this doll without asking his permission first, terrible things happen to you, such as divorces , accidents etc…  on the wall behind him are letters which he receives weekly , thanking him or asking forgiveness for not having asked permission to photograph him.

People claim in those letters, that bad things have happened to them after visiting this doll.  I don’t have to tell you that I did ask permission before I took the picture of this doll. You never know!! I found him to be a bit creepy actually. The story being the whole thing made it even more scary. The belief is that he is alive and wreaks havoc at night.


According to legend, the doll has supernatural abilities that allow it to move, change its facial expressions, and make giggling sounds. I was told that the doll was given by a Bahamian maid to Otto as a gift or as “retaliation for a wrongdoing”. According to local folklore, the doll has caused “car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce and a cornucopia of other misfortunes”, and museum visitors supposedly experience “post-visit misfortunes” for “failing to respect Robert”

in the background are the daily letter and gifts that Robert receives on a daily basis

So if you do visit please show your respect and just don’t snap pictures without asking for permission. ( don’t throw caution to the wind).

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