One Building, four facades, one Artist ” Cern”.

Located at  43-01 21st street in Long Island city, this building is worth the trip for the big fans of Murals and all sorts of street art.The Artist  Cern who painted this work entitled “homage’  painted on all four façades of the building. I tried to find out what the homage was about but it seems to be self explanatory.

Cern Is a Native of New York City based in Brooklyn,  whose work has been featured throughout South America, Europe, and South Africa .He  has been featured at the  San Diego museum of Art, Moca in Los Angeles and the Museu Brasileiro De Escultura in Sao Paulo.


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If You have a chance go check it out, and if you want to take photograph, its best do  on a cloudy day since the sun’s reflections make it a bit challenging.. I have photographed this building before and they do whitewash after a while to feature other artist. I don’t know how long this will be up.

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