I want to wake up from this nightmare.

Spring has sprung, and no one noticed. While the planet is sprouting new life , we are afraid for our own.


Every morning I wake up and I think what a horrible nightmare I had, only to find out that the nightmare is happening when I am awake. Those of us who love to travel, and enjoy our basic freedoms, are seeing the world on lock down. We are reliving the beautiful trips and experiences that we may have taken for granted.


I for one, am grateful to have had the opportunity, many many people have not had. I don’t want to be negative, this is kind of hard to do right now.

What “they” have in store for us, remains to be seen and experienced. Nothing that is happening right now is normal. People are starting to wake up and asking “what the hell is going on?.”  Our cities are empty, we are fighting over toilet paper (yet no one knows why) and chicken and unfortunately, instead of humankind getting better, they are showing their ugly heads. All for me, none for the others. Every man for himself. This is very sad. Not downplaying what is going on, but we must not panic.

How long will this last?, no one really knows, 2 weeks , a month, six months. What will be the outcome of the possible collapse of the economy, the airlines, your neighborhood delicatessen. Those are fears we all have, and the media is making sure we get our daily dose of panic. How long can we practice isolation before we all go Batshit crazy ?.

With some 25 million people in the US on antidepressant, the US being 6th in the world for antidepressant use. The psychological effects of isolation will reap its toll, specially The elderly who rely on socialization to cope every day. In the meantime  the stress that this is creating is destroying our immune systems.So if at all possible please try to keep you mind busy, read, paint, put on that exercise video and get in the best shape of your life.

Personally I’m using  this time to learn the keyboard, reinstalling my Rosetta stone language course and pulling my paint box from under the bed and painting works of Art .Staying as positive as possible. Nothing is permanent. when this is over I will become a piano playing painter who speak multiple languages and a hot body :). We will come out of this. just #sityourasshome.

I hope my pictures will bring a sense of hope that everyday there are new beautiful things around us. Stop and take time to smell the roses, appreciate your family and friends, breath some fresh air and get some sun.

Just imagine the wonderful and beautiful things you will be able to enjoy once we wake up from this nightmare and how much more we will appreciate it.





  1. Jo Ann

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and lovely photos 👍🏼❤️ Please stay safe and hope to see you at my sisters’s house once everything settles down.

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