It’s going to be OK.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”- Victor Hugo

We are all home, trying to find something to do. This Coronavirus has us on edge, not sleeping and feeling like the air is not getting into our lungs. To be honest I am tired of hearing about it, but I know  this topic of conversation and the negativity, psychosis and depression it is bringing will last for a long time.          But not forever. In life there is one constant “nothing is forever”   

We are all trying to stay sane in a world that just seems to be falling apart. We feel like running out the door screaming “Bullshit this is not real”. Sadly it is.

We have become chefs, beauticians, teachers, artist, runners, anything to get out of this prison we are in. You might argue that this is better than the alternative, and to be fair, those of us who are not first responders and essential people are very lucky to be sitting this one at home. Some of you have panicked some are plain scared, one thing we all have in common is worry for ourselves and for the ones we care about.

Every day we hear worse news, the media loves to tell us worse case scenario ” it could have been worse”, They are very good at that. Watching movies takes us away but makes us realize that things are not normal right now. Just going to starbuck for a coffee seam surreal.

If the whole point of this was depopulation, I’m afraid they didn’t think of one thing, shortage of latex. We will kill each other or we will massively reproduce.

I Take my morning pajamas off to put on the night pajamas.  Not a good time for face time :). Somehow putting on my make up for a phone call, I don’t think so!  Yes we must keep in touch, Just don’t face time.. I have aged 10 years since March LOL. When this is over I will need to connect 2 pairs of pants to fit the Butt that I grew sitting around for months.

I Don’t know what to eat, although like everyone I am preparing for end of days, the fridge is full, plenty toilet paper( although  a good wash is just as good) but unlike a lot of people, I m really not in the mood to become Jacques Pepin. Dinner is hot cocoa and 2 shots of rum. Believe me I sleep well after that..

On a happier note. What better time to show you my photographs of a solitary sunflower from birth to midlife. The flower that reminds us of a warm beautiful summer day, and the sun. The flower that reminds us that better days are ahead.


From a little seed comes a beautiful flower, Summer is just not summer without the sun flower.It starts as a seed and ends as a seed . It’s food for the bees and at the end of it’s prime, becomes food for us. Don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a sunflower or doesn’t get a special feeling from it.

This is a photographic timeline of this flower from birth

Enter a caption

” look at its shape, with vibrant yellows and oranges. A sunflower can brighten your day..its as if it is  smiling like a happy face  painted on the sun. So if you do only one thing all day, let it be to smile, so you can brighten the day of others around you, just like the sunflower” Bodhi Smith

Stay safe, Chin up, fingers crossed it’s going to be OK.


  1. Les

    Thanks for the heartwarming write up. I hope people focus on the positives and be hopeful instead of the negatives. Then again, this is on us because it was the way we’ve been living that created this pandemic. We could blame the Chinese and this and that but the virus didn’t buy plane tickets and flew around the world. People and their lifestyles transported the virus and got us where we all are now. I hope we make adjustments to our lives and lifestyles after this dark cloud has passed. Some of us have been very excessive and that has to change. We can also see how interconnected we all are on this planet so maybe we start thinking of others when we do what we have to do? God bless you! 🤗🤗

    1. champagnediva

      Thanks you so much for your comment . You are so right in what you say. Time to concentrate on people and the way we treat the environment. I hope that this is a Lesson for us about what really matters .

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